Old Moon

Friday, January 9, 2009

The writing life; professional editing; subsidy publishing; e-books

January already, and not only do I not have any resolutions (I refuse to make public anything I know I can't keep up), but I believe I've re-made an old resolution, which was never to pay to have something published. I turned down a deal that offered to put out my book--for a price.

Thanks to a friend who has adopted me and my faltering ambitions for quite some time now (thanks again, Glenda), I've been introduced to someone who might be able to help. So my third novel will get the attention the first two should have had. An experienced (and from her correspondence, I deduce a sympathetic) editor will see what can be done to help me find an agent. Twice before I've sought and used such help, but frankly, the assistance wasn't really what I knew I needed. Let's hope this time it will be different.

I also have a new contract from the publisher of my first book. The initial publication will be as an e-book, which is better than nothing without any question. It's just that I'm too old to appreciate it until I see it in print on paper. Even if I could afford a Kindle, I find it difficult to imagine I could enjoy reading that way--at least as much as I do with a book in my hand. We all need to get over that, of course.

So if the New Year can make us who feel we have to keep writing ready to face into the wind yet again, it's a good thing. Maybe someone's inspired word will help someone somewhere to weather even a few of the storms shaking our poor world just now.


Glenda C. Beall said...

I'm excited to hear you are working with someone who can probably get that book where it belongs. Good Luck!

My friend Mike (Michelle) has read Settling and she loved it. She will be contacting you soon, she said.

JLC said...

Dear Glenda--yet again, I'm indebted. Let's hope when Maiden run comes out as an e-book in March, and it's to be hoped in paper in the summer, you both may like that too. In the meantime, Susan is my best hope, and all because of you!