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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wanted: More Hours in the Day

With all the inventive talent in the world, where is the means of adding hours to our days? (Leaving the same amount of time for sleep, of course)?

If the sun is shining and I'm at my desk, I see all the work needed outdoors; when I'm in the garden, I try to forget what's waiting to be done at my computer. That would be enough, but then there are the meetings that are the fault of my interests and willingness to commit to something, and add the things that come up unplanned that are musts, and...you get the drift. Almost everyone could use help with this. Think of the money to be made...

About one third of the way through novel No.3 on the suggestions and critiques coming my way from my editor, I can't even catch up to what he's done to date. That would be all right if only I didn't need to rewrite the rest of the book to incorporate what he's already taught me. For the first time in my life I can understand the drive to speed up electronics. I always thought "high speed" was more than fast enough for me. Now I'm beginning to get it about gigabytes instead of measly old megabytes. Unfortunately, the speed of light wouldn't help with the speed of my fingers on the keyboard and especially with the slow pace of my mind!

It's nice to see the flowers coming out and to be able to take a breather watching the mockingbird having a drink in the bird bath on the deck. Thank goodness today is cloudy and cool. After putting in some perennials yesterday, I even hope it will rain. Now I have to get back to those pages.

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Glenda Council Beall said...

Joan, you speak for me and many others who can't find enough time to do all we need to do and want to do. Yes, now with spring coming we want to plant the flowers that will need to be watered all summer.
If only I didn't have to sleep to keep going every day. Then I could add those night time hours to my daytime hours and, wow, then I could take on another project!