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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Is Everybody a Writer?

I suppose in a literal sense, everybody is a writer who can handle a writing implement, read, and has been taught how to make meaningful marks on paper. Have you noticed how many contests show up daily inviting all readers to submit their own personal stories? Sometimes there's a contest with monetary reward, sometimes the story had better prove the desirability of a product, sometimes the payoff is merely "publication," which might be on line or in print.

The problem I have with this is that I don't understand the attraction for the average computer user. We all have blogs, Facebook and other "social networking" sites available at all times. If we just want to make words public, they should be enough, shouldn't they? Is everyone equipped to provide free advertising copy, free publicity, free testimonials to people and firms whose interest has little or nothing to do with real writing, and less with literature? Even some publishers who solicit material from anyone willing to submit annoy me. I've given in to the hope of finding my work between hard covers myself, but on reflection, I wonder if these enterprises can provide the exposure serious writers are hoping for.

Is the large number of open submissions devaluing authorship?
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Terra said...

Good post!

The way I found your blog makes a good story. I was searching online trying to figure out where Byline magazine went, and I discovered their blog. You left a funny post, but they never responded to you. So instead of Byline, I found you!

Wonderful blog you have.

Glenda said...

This is an excellent post and one we should all read and think on in this world where almost every person I meet these days is working on a book.

Most find out the difficulty of writing a good book, and stop writing, totally. I think we have many who want to write but don't want to do the work to become a writer of merit.
Recently someone said to me they were writing a book because they had something to say.
I hope this person learns how to say it in writing.