Old Moon

Friday, November 12, 2010

What If...?

Day one of a pre-Christmas show of antiques, crafts, stitchery, jewelry, edibles, cards & bridge tallies, photos and art--and books.
Having just returned from setting up a table, I'm feeling a bit the way one does while waiting for a tooth extraction.

Because I can't afford to have a raft of books I've bought sitting around, I refused to buy more than the half dozen in my possession at the moment. IF people are interested enough, I can get them in less than two weeks if they're willing to wait and pay for mailing. Why would anybody shopping for the kind of things other vendors are offering be interested in POD books, and maybe even less in a homemade poetry chapbook?

Friends who visited for a couple of days sent a thank you bouquet that arrived yesterday complete with handsome vase. Thank goodness! I was going to make the best of the remaining mums and some colorful leaves from my yard! After probably a total of 30+ years working in retail, this doesn't strike me as a situation designed for this old lady.

Besides, when I signed up, I didn't realize it would be two 6-hour days. I have to get someone to take care of my poor dog, or cover my table while I go home to do it, and I'll certainly be mighty hungry before I get dinner!

Wish me luck! Either novel will cost $18 including shipping; $9 for the chapbook, also including mailing. I'll post some photos if I get any worth showing.

What if I don't sell a single one?


Roberta said...

The picture of your display looks inviting. I hope many will make a purchase (or two or three). Your novels are so richly crafted. I compare them to a painting with many layers of color and subtle detail; the more you look, the more you see.

Glenda said...

I've been to book signings or readings and hoped to sell my books but ended selling none and giving away a book.
However, I met new friends, writers and enjoyed hearing the work of those who read. Many times networking is the best thing that comes from all our hard work.
Let's face it. We'll not likely make any money for writing. I heard yesterday that a book that sells less than 2,000 copies is considered UNSOLD.
But your novels are good and your efforts to make them known will benefit your sales, I'm sure.