Old Moon

Monday, March 7, 2011

You Could Have Knocked Me over with a Feather...

Once the kitchen cleanup, the bed making, and the cat litter are taken care of, I head for the laptop and email. Imagine my surprise...

Last Friday I sent a follow-up note to a publisher I'd queried and received a request to forward the hard copy of my ms in October. He replied quickly with a request to get it in electronic form because he'd read it sooner. So this morning (Monday) I wasn't prepared to find what looked like two replies without any text--just attachments. One was a proposed cover for the book, and the other was a letter of agreement and the galley.

Of course, I had to find someone to crow to, which I did in short order. So now, my heartfelt thanks to March Street Press (Greensboro, NC) and R. Bixby. It would have been lovely to have found them thirty years ago, but there would have been fewer stories for him to read. Never too late!

I'll undoubtedly be posting the cover once it's been finalized unless he objects.



Glenda Beall said...

TERRIFIC! You go, girl!
You amaze me, Joan. I am delighted to hear that another publisher want to publish your book. Be sure they do what you want of them.
Can't wait to read it.

Roberta said...

I'm so happy I think I'll 'crow' too! It's no coincidence that you have been published yet again; a talented storyteller indeed.