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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Where Do They Live?

Most of the time I don't think of checking Sitemeter. Today I took a look at the stats and asked for a breakdown of points of origin for visitors. What a surprise! Jordan; Denmark; Ireland...France wasn't a surprise because my granddaughter has been there since January, but repeated visits from someone in a city in Connecticut where I don't believe I know anyone? In fact, except for half a dozen places not marked "unknown," I was amazed to discover that someone there has visited more than once. Of course, I'd love to know where the unknowns are too.

I'm not sure if this means anything other than that some people must spend hours "surfing" the Net. Witness the You Tube videos that arrive in your e-mail that make you wonder how anyone found them in the hundreds produced every week. Still--I'd love to have some of these readers let me meet them through a comment (pro or con).

In our years when my late husband was an international sales manager for a company that made a unique product, we met many people from many places, and made friends of a dozen or more. Those days are long gone, so I can't help wondering who's venturing into western North Carolina to read something here...and more than that, why.

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psw said...

Hello! I'm reading you from the San Francisco Bay Area. I love your writing and your topics - not afraid to talk about that secret one - AGING. Good for you! I also love to see where my readers come from in my www.roughwighting.net blog: lots from U.S., but also Canada, Malasia, and some from Europe. Love how we are all becoming universal.