Old Moon

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Does anyone out there have suggestions on how to query an agent for a short story collection?

Is there anyone out there within 10 miles of Morganton who would like to be part of a critique group?

Anyone out there interested in how to write a generally interesting memoir?


Nancy Purcell said...

Hi Joan.I received an email from Glenda Beall and she mentioned you and included your email.You're wondering how to do a query letter to an agent about a short story collection.
First of all, to find an agent via the old "NYC" route will be tough as they direct so much of their energy toward celebrity writers.
There are two small press journals that will be a big help to you in where to send your query...small presses are the heros' of short story collections, novellas, poetry books. Check out this website: www.dustbooks.com. You'll be looking for the International Directory of Little Magazines & Small presses. Also check out: www.softskull.com. You'll be looking for the Literary press and magazine Directory 2007/2008. (I prefer this one.)
I don't have a scanner, but if you send me your address, I'll send you a copy of some query letters, synopses, and marketing platforms. All three of these pieces must be included when you correspond with an agent or small press. Also include a Self-addressed Stamped envelope.
I am the county rep for Transylvania County and am in the throws of developing a group here and seeking members for the NCWriters Network. My email is: nansea@citcom.net
Nancy Purcell

JLC said...

Dear Nancy--
Many thanks for your response. I knew of 2 of these sites you mentioned, but had seen that someone called Marly Rusoff had agented a collection (in Poets & Writers Magazine). That's what prompted my question about an agent.

I'd be more than grateful to see anything that would give me a clue as to how to approach finding someone willing to read a story or two. A synopsis of a collection? That's the kind of thing I gotta see! Any info at all will be more than gratefully received.