Old Moon

Friday, November 7, 2008


It turns out that one shouldn't be too hasty about "dissing" awards. I got another one I didn't mention here: first place statewide in the NC Senior Games literary arts division. A phone call this morning asked permission to put the short story up on the website. http://www.ncseniorgames.org/. Naturally, I was happy (would thrilled be more accurate?) to give said permission. So, in a day or two, see if it's there, if you're interested.

After the election marathon, nothing else seems worthy of designation as work! Let us hope that winners and losers alike have something left for the real long haul! We all know it's uphill from here, but maybe even those of us back in the crowd along the sidelines can be of some use by soberly cheering the team on. Personally, I hope more than I can say that never again will so much time, money and labor be spent just getting to the starting post! The best thing has been the number of hitherto uninvolved voters. More of that would make much of future campaign excesses unnecessary.

It's not always easy, perhaps, but it does mean everything to have something to look forward to.

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