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Thursday, November 20, 2008


What is it about Time? Maybe I'm a little obsessive, but it really does seem as though even a second is shorter than it used to be. Trying to keep putting something up here on a regular basis while keeping up with the minutes I need to transcribe (I keep swearing I won't be a secretary again), the promised reviews and occasional essay for the Senior Women Web, and the queries for the last finished novel, plus revision of another...I think my long-suffering husband is glad I get around to doing the laundry. We don't discuss ironing.

Then I think that the impression may be distorted by the terrible pressures on the country and the world of late. Nothing that matters has time enough to be understood by most of us, let alone to figure out ways to deal with them. It was such an incredible relief to be finished with the election. Yet, we're now faced with actually finding things to DO--about the economy, the wars, the pirates, the fires and floods and earthquakes, the dying wilderness and rain forests, the educational and healthcare systems, and that list is only a beginning.

Everyone is always amazed when there is actually more than one person who wants to be President. This year, I find it harder to believe than ever before that even one person sought the office with such dedication to winning. Could it really be that someone without a personality disorder could fill the job? Is there really a man or woman who has the ego and drive to get there who will also have the sense and humility to be effective? If all the wise heads of all parties could be made to cooperate as advisors, would their counsel be recognized and considered?

And how can we, the ordinary Joes and Janes and the eggheads and experts, help? WILL enough of us help if someone comes up with instructions? Will we be able to keep our sights high enough above our own problems to see beyond them? Is there enough time to take care of everything we need to if we're to go on living on our beloved planet?

And how does one decide where to begin?

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glenda said...

Interesting questions. There was a time when I was more of an activist, but at this place in my life, I hope the younger folk will take up the slack and try to correct the wrongs, mend the fences, and save our country, our planet and our reputation.
I have hope in the future but I can't do much to help except vote. And I did that.