Old Moon

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

From an Elderly 'Techie'

Anyone who knows someone my age seems surprised to find that person cozying up to the technology of the computer, let alone blogging, the really fancy gymnastics of handling cell phones, even learning how to reset answering machines after a power failure. I have to say that without all these things, I'd be in an assisted living environment, I'm afraid. In the first place, my alleged mind would most likely be jelly, and my disposition would be either homicidal or suicidal.

I alluded to the loss of my alter ego four months ago and to a hint of how that has impacted me. There are a couple of saviors for me aside from the usual spiritual props most of us depend on. One is the computer and the other is my pets. Our children have been heroic about trying to take care of a parent who is some 800 miles away from them. My living situation is probably nearly ideal, as it is in a life-care community. None of the above can solve the basic problem, but all are useful. The computer and sites like this and the multiple others of its kind that I visit regularly and through which I've met some true friends, not to mention fellow survivors, are without any doubt what keep me as sane as I can be expected to be.

If I have any readers, I treasure their responses as evidence of their existence, so I hope anyone might feel free to disagree or even lambaste me. Just let me know you're out there! When one of you urged me to start a blog, I had little notion of how valuable it was going to become.


glenda said...

Joan,people like us amaze some of the younger people because we aren't supposed to be using computers and all those techie things. I inherited a Blackberry from my husband and now I am trying to learn all the bells and whistles so I can do what he did with it.
As someone told me recently, if we had grown up with these things, we'd know how to use them already, just like the kids do, but we are having to learn them now. We can do that and we should. I like your blog and I enjoy your writing. Thanks so much for leaving comments on my blogs.
None of us get all that many comments, but you can be assured your words are read.

Pat Workman said...

Elderly 'Techie', indeed, gave me a chuckle. You are sharp as a tack and still ridding the cutting edge. Good for you! Good genes should get some of the credit, don't you think.

I am not much of a techie but my brain and social life wouldn't get much exercise if it weren't for my computer, for that, I am addicted. We haven't had TV reception for a while but I don't think I stand to be without my VCR. As for all the rest, I will pass. Being the introvert that I am, I dislike the sound of a phone ringing. The adventure of getting lost on my ramblings is always a learning experience, so no GPS either.

Still, you and Glenda make me proud of my age and gender. Way to go ladies.

Glenda said...

Joan, my sister wrote a nice post for your blog, but somehow it didn't make it to your comment section. I'll have to see what she did wrong.