Old Moon

Saturday, August 29, 2009


A glance at the calendar at this time of year is never necessary to know we're coming to an end of some kind. Autumnn is always beautiful, and for many, the favorite season. I can understand why, but not for me.

The beginning of school when I was a child has nothing to do with it because I looked forward to that. The feeling comes from so far back, I don't believe the symbolic connections influence my emotions. Perhaps those who understand "spiritual" matter might be able to explain. It's a sad time. Like so much that is most poignant, the very loveliness of the sensual world emphasizes the melancholy that underlies every day until the trees are bare and the first frost has browned the grass.

This is the season I tend to try to write poetry. Common adolescent hangover, I'm sure. This is the season when I need to be tied to the mast like Ulysses to keep me from spending a fortune on spring bulbs that I will later curse because I dislike the planting so much. Oh, and did I mention, this is the season of my husband's and my birthdays? After so many of those, you'd think I'd be over that by now!


Glenda C. Beall said...

Like you, I used to hate autumn or fall. It meant the end to the exciting summer of freedom, and in south Georgia, we had no beautiful fall leaves like we have in the mountains. September was as hot as August. My birthday is in October. I'm a Libra. I used to feel a sadness every year when the grass turned brown and the shadows shifted. But for the past 14 years, I've loved fall, driving through the countryside and feeling the crispness in the air. I'll drive up to see you one day and we'll take a ride. I might even come in Barry's convertible. How would you like that?

Pat Workman said...

This has been a beautiful summer, cooler than years past. September is not my favorite month weather wise. Still too warm for me. At least the nights are cooling.

My husband's, and my, birthday are this month. The anniversary of his birth still brings on some melancholy feelings but they are fleeting. However, I joyfully celebrate my birthday every year. I like to treat myself with a picnic or a special ramble. I use the day to take stock and make plans for the coming year.
Try doing something special for your self this year. You might try to create a new birthday ritual just for you. What better time to celebrate your life.