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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Writers Circle: Writers' Circle or Writers Circle

Writers Circle: Writers' Circle or Writers Circle

What a great idea to alter the obvious meaning of those two words! This is what we all need to do: circle! I'm beginning to notice that we won't have much choice defending ourselves against the invasion of the electronic book (if we feel threatened by it), but still need the fellowship of those on the same journey. So let's form at the least a metaphorical circle and support one another against rejection and disrespect for our words.

Words are important. They're what we think with. They're also the first way we show how we feel to others we want to see it.

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JLC said...

Thank you, Joan, for your nice words about me and thanks for listing my new blog.
I am delighted you have found Richard K to help you. I hear such great things about him. I look forward to your next novel and I hope it will be published the way it should be published, with no errors to mar your wondeful writing.
And I am more than happy that you find exciting things happening in your life every day. I, too, am learning to enjoy each day.

The above message was sent by Glenda and somehow failed to make it to the Comment line.