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Saturday, October 31, 2009

You and Me and the Universe

There are so many good blogs around. One is "A Good Blog is Hard to Find." A recent post by "Mystery Blogger" provides food for thought for everybody. Take a look.

Here's one take on the question:


In still night hours, under veils of velvet dark,

glint starry echoes, turning like leaves in whirlpools

that tease an errant mind. From forgotten eons

linger lonesome tunes whose burdens slip away like bee-song in summer.

Who is there?

What did you say?

Only fragments loom in broken ranks to turn the inward ear

toward shadows without outlines and murmurs gone in the twinkling of an eye.

A flash of memory from ages brilliant and geometric as cut emeralds still unset

is drowned in muffled whispers of times unremembered.

Who is there?

Did you speak?

The turning times of futures past spin dimly on in fading Arabesques

as the haunted soul gropes with mittened fingers and blindfold eyes

to grasp a hint or catch a clue and plot the new flight plan for the morrow.

Is someone there?


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