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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Accessible Poetry

Recently I have had the pleasure of reading Glenda Council Beall's new collection of poems, Now Might as Well Be Then. I want to praise it in the most heartfelt way. If you aren't accustomed to the slower pace required for the appreciation of poetry, here is the place to begin to learn how.

These poems are sensuous and rhythmic and graced by lovely diction. Word choices are evocative. The poems are in no way difficult or obscure, and in no way are they simple. Loss, sorrow, humor, regret, joy and more reveal themselves in every one. We recognize and share emotion instantly and understand how the author was feeling about her subject while it was new, and while she was writing about it later.

Academic students of poetry will recognize certain techniques, but thankfully without the need to notice them. From "Summer Ballet in the Piney Woods:" We dressed, and left our innocence in the glade/ of the quiet forest. Metaphor and allegory are available if you like them.

From "My Father's Horse:" ...The horse/ is all we ever share. For he has sons/ and I am just a daughter. The beginning of this poem saves the lines quoted from giving the impression of a hard man. We know it is, as they say today, "what it is," and see the author knew this.

The book's title is the poignant last line in a condensed story of love and nostalgia that contains a whole life as a loved wife. Her loss is implied in a way few readers and no widows will miss.

Read this small book and read it again, unless you're afraid to commit to Poetry with a capital P. Even if you are, this will be just what you need to get over it!



Gay Moring said...

Joan, Glenda has told me how much she admires you. thank you for such a warm tribute for her book. I am not a poet, but have always loved her work.

Gay Moring

Nancy Purcell said...

Nancy Purcell said...
Your beautiful comments on Glenda Beall's book, NOW MIGHT AS WELL BE THEN,say, in very eleoquent words what every reader of this book will feel. I'm a short story writer who wholeheartedly loves poetry. Thank you for addressing my friend's book.

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

You've done a fantastic job reviewing Glenda's book. I also enjoyed her book very much.