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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Perspective and Sharing

Lately I've been reading a lot of musings and commentary (not to mention complaints) from writers making valiant attempts to allow Humor (please note the capital H) to take the sting and/or self-pity out of what they are putting out there on the Internet for all to see. These are entertaining, even thought-provoking little essays.

Unfortunately (for me) they really don't do much to make me feel better. The authors have agents, they have been published more than once or twice, they can claim several categories (genres?) within their capabilities. Most of them are younger than my youngest child. It makes the likes of me want to have a small temper tantrum. DON'T THEY REALIZE HOW WELL THEY'RE DOING?

If they're bothering to write blogs about their rejections and trials and discouragements, I'd like to suggest they correspond with me and some of my cohorts to find out how well off they are. I'd be more than happy to correspond by snail or e-mail, by phone or face-t0-face, if we could arrange it, and give a lesson--for no charge--in perspective.

Any responders would have to agree to share their agent's name and interests with someone who could use that information with perhaps more gratitude than they seem to be able to feel!

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