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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Letting It All Out--or Not?

A novel in one month? Good or bad, that deserves congratulations. I've been following the progress of this project for a couple of years and can only wonder at the energy and (forgive me) chutzpah of those who try it. From my point of view, it would be just what I most do not need to do. Of recent years I've been spending a lot of time and some money in an effort to get good editing. I often wish I had the kind of mind that seems to be trained into the top ranks of British students so I had instant recall and could quote everyone I'd like to without pausing to think about it. I can't, so I'll just mention that someone said that 90% of good writing is good editing. THAT is a rarer thing than good writing.

If any reader is trying to do what I am in an effort to be ready for Christmas and all it entails, I wish them not only strong bodies and quiet minds, but also the good fortune to find the editor(s) they need. For some of us the flow is less of a problem than the polishing of what has poured or squeaked out of our psyches onto the page--poetry, fiction, or essay. We have to get through to the new year with the hope of greater success than in the last one. Best wishes and godspeed!

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